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Our staff of two full-time and two part-time employees spend every day providing different types of assistance for veterans and their families on a case-by-case basis.  For example, we have purchased wheelchairs, scooters, ramps and other assistive technology; we have paid utility bills and deposits for veterans and their families in danger of homelessness; we have provided gift cards for family support; we've bought snow tires, dentures, and provided temporary housing for veterans in dire straits; we even paid a veterinary bill for a veteran’s companion animal.  We've directed veterans to service officers to help them navigate the VA system and obtain the benefits to which they are entitled.  As I said, this is a sample of what we have done, and continue to do on a case-by-case basis for veterans and their families.

In 2012, we sent out a survey to the veterans and families we assisted over the last 6 years.  The survey included the option for them to allow us to mention their comments using only their initials and the State where they live.  What follows is a sample of the responses we got. 

L.D. in Georgia was facing homelessness:

Leaving a VA residential treatment center to return to a drug-infested area to live was my only option.  NVSF assistance expedited my moving to a better area, thus giving my recovery a chance.  As of September 2012, I am 8 months clean & sober.  Thank you, NVSF!  NVSF assistance aided my recovery and gave me the chance to strengthen a new way of living.  With there being so many different organizations proclaiming their mission is helping veterans, I am elated and thankful NVSF is legit.”

L.A.B. in Virginia needed her vehicle repaired:

Because of you I was able to get my vehicle fixed and look for employment and housing without a lot of overwhelming stress.  I was assisted in where to put my focus to where I could look forward to a brighter future.  I’m only guessing, but you guys are angels--I stopped crying and worrying about tomorrow.”

R.R. in New Jersey found himself unemployed after 20 years with the same company:

It seemed like they dropped everything and made sure me & my children had a place to live.  All I can say is that they were the first to come to my need.  Everywhere else gave me the runaround.  I will be indebted to you for life—you saved my dignity and my spirit for living and my children say thank you.”

We helped prevent homelessness for MM in Nevada:

You guys are the best—you really saved my bacon!”

NS in Florida said:

I was very happy that NVSF helped me out and now I’m no longer homeless.”

Health care bills were crushing J.R. in Ohio:

Your service was a true Godsend.  I hope this organization can continue to help vets.  God bless you all.”

We provided a communication system for L.C.’s non-verbal daughter in Indiana:

I am just very appreciative for the help.  Thank you!”

Homeless veteran B.T. in Georgia:

A true life saver.  Since getting your assistance I co-founded a vets support group with help from the HUD/VASH office.  You gave me hope.  Thank you.”

B.S. in Texas was on the verge of foreclosure:

We were struggling so hard at that time and it was such a blessing when NVSF helped us.  Thanks so much for all you do to help veterans and their families.”

K.H. had fallen on hard times in California:

I had given up.  Everywhere I turned there was no help.  Most of all thank you for the gift card—it was nice to have food in the house.”

L.S.M. in Florida was homeless:

I have a home now—Thank you.  NVSF is a very good program for homeless vets.  It got me on my feet.”

W.S. in California:

I was close to homelessness waiting for my VA disability to be approved.  I am very grateful to NVSF.”

F.H. in Nebraska:

You guys saved my family from losing our house.  Thank you so very much.  We are very grateful for your help.”

Unemployed and on the verge of homelessness, K.R.K. in Florida:

Excellent organization.  Great service.  What a life saver.  Thank you so much for helping me during the most difficult time of my life.  I’m back to work.  You saved me.”

K.N. in Nevada:

Thank you so much for what you provided for me.  I was homeless and with your help I have my own apartment.”

B.L., Mississippi was nearly in foreclosure:

Your service was life saving.  We don’t know what we would have done without your assistance!  Only God knew and knows you did a great job.  Your services are to be commended!  Thank you & God bless.”

R.S. was referred to us by her oncologist’s assistant in North Carolina:

I do not have appropriate words to express how grateful I am for what NVSF gave me, nor how personable, empathetic and just totally caring and concerned your representative was toward me.  Without assistance from NVSF I would have lost everything I owned.”

R.S. in Georgia was facing homelessness:

I could not believe how fast they were able to assist me & my family.  They counseled me on other assistance programs.  The NVSF is by far the most wonderful organization I have ever come in contact with in my life.”

L.D. was in a PTSD program at the VA in Alabama while his family struggled.  His wife said:

The folks I dealt with were 100% respectful.  They made it feel ‘OK’ for us in a time that life wasn’t feeling that way at all.  No judgment was felt!  I am still not certain what would have happened without your help.  We were really up against it and you were the only organization to come through!  Thank you!!!”

V.W., a single mother in Alabama:

I am a single mother and NVSF helped me during a time I was going through some financial difficulties.  I am very grateful for their help.”

E.W., widow of Vietnam vet in Florida:

My husband was a victim of Agent Orange—had diabetes and many problems—he was a double amputee—required an ambulance 3 times a week for dialysis.  We were overwhelmed with ambulance charges.  He died the day after Christmas 2010.  We were very thankful for the help we received from NVSF.”

G.L. in Indiana:

We would have lost our home without NVSF’s assistance.  I appreciate their help more than I can express.”

B.H. in California:

I just want you to know that I’m so very grateful for the work you do.  I had been in a bad situation (homeless at a veterans shelter) and your assistance enabled me to get into an apartment!  I was able to get on my feet.  The initial help you provided me was such a blessing!”

T,P., North Carolina, daughter of Agent Orange-exposed Vietnam vet:

As a child born with deformities we knew the VA would not help.  We were blown away by NVSF’s help.  I may never have been able to afford the surgery without them.  The surgery has improved my life.  We are incredibly thankful for the help our family received from your organization.  You were an answer to prayer.”

R.O. was homeless in Virginia:

I had applied to other service organizations, however, they did not have any funds.  As a combat veteran it is nice to know we are not forgotten when we return from battle.”

C.G. in Florida:

I was at the end of all hope.  180 days was the estimated wait time for VA to consider my case.  Threatened to be evicted and homeless, when NVSF came through so I would not be in the street.  I was so happy I cried.  Went to church that Sunday and told them I had received a blessing!”

M.R., a disabled veteran in Florida:

Please accept my thank you for all of your help.  You have held my family together when all was falling apart.”

M.S., a Reservist in Washington was on the verge of eviction:

We honestly never thought any program would give so much.  This program is a gold star.  I have made sure that our unit’s FRG leader has NVSF’s info.”

R.S. was nearly homeless in Florida:

I was very distraught when I called and she was wonderful.  I was made to feel very comfortable.  The other agencies I called did not help and were very condescending.  I was amazed at the speed she worked at taking care of my needs.”

B.M., a Connecticut veteran, was about to be homeless:

When I received NVSF’s help, my family and I were in a very difficult situation, having lost our house, and had no place to go.  You probably saved my life!”

We assisted J.M. in Virginia, who fell on hard times:

Thank you so very much for assisting me and my family in a time of real need.  Your help assisted me to get back on my feet and once again provide for my family.  You helped me to lear how to live with my disabilities.  God bless you and thanks.”

Retired W.H. in Connecticut lives on a fixed income:

NVSF is the best thing I have used since my retirement.  They were very polite, understanding and prompt in their decision to help.  I would recommend this service to vets who need the help.”

A.H. was in a bad way in California:

NVSF & Phillip Kraft greatly care about aiding vets in distress—God will bless them!  They are very caring & compassionate to the vets in need.  It’s very difficult to handle all the requests you deal with—I don’t know how you do it!”

T.F. in Ohio was about to become homeless:

At that time they were the only ones there for my family.  They went above and beyond!  I can’t express enough how thankful I am.  You came through at a time of need!  You didn’t make me feel degraded for asking for help.  Thank you so much.”

A.C. in Delaware:

The representative who helped us—she was very courteous and knowledgeable.  She was very sympathetic and understanding.  It was very difficult to ask for help, but she made it easy for us.”

R.C. in Georgia was in a PTSD program at the VA and his family needed help:

I know the staff at NVSF are my angels and may God touch their hearts, for them to do what they do for all vets in their time of need!  Please keep doing what you all are doing!  If a soldier is in true need of help & have the right discharge, NVSF will save any veteran in need of assistance.”

V.B. in Delaware is a single mom injured in Iraq and still on active duty:

NVSF saved my family!  We were being evicted because the military wasn’t paying me.  NVSF gave me a hand up; not hand out.  They helped my family above and beyond what I could hope for.”

J.B. in Ohio was facing homelessness:

I was very surprised how fast the response was.  I applied for assistance and 3 hours later the help was there.”

B.Z. in Minnesota almost lost his house:

When I called Mr. Kraft he was so reassuring and nice that I almost thought it couldn’t be true but it was.  Since then we are on our road to normal.  I would say your part in this ordeal is the single nicest thing anybody has ever done for me.  Thank you.”

A.W. in Georgia had placed himself in bad financial straits with a title loan on his car:

It reminded me that I am somebody and have not been forgotten.  Thank you so much for your support.  It came at a time when I was in one of my darkest periods in my life.  Tears of gratitude are falling down my face as I’m writing to you.  God is good.  My two kids and I would not have been able to enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas season without your help.”


The National Veterans Services Fund, Inc.

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